Home Painting

Many people will wonder how often a home painting job should be done. For some, painting their home regularly is a huge benefit to them and the home's value skyrockets. Other homeowners like to do their own home painting and only when it is necessary. Whether homeowners like to do the work themselves or have a professional contractor to do it, they all have one thing in common: the benefits of a quality home painting job are priceless.

Examples of many available home painting services includes color consultations, unique color palettes, exterior painting services, masking, interior surface preparation, removal of mold and mildew, removal of stucco, varnish, and paint additives. Each of these areas of expertise offers different benefits. Color consultations entail looking at the home from a customer's perspective, taking into consideration the furniture, flooring, paint, accessories, landscaping, and appliances. In addition, a consultation usually includes a price quote and an estimate for the project. Professional painters who offer color consultations often provide a free estimate while other painters may charge a minimal fee.

Exterior painting jobs involve applying a paint job over the existing siding, roof, landscaping, and trim. A residential painting project typically takes less time than an exterior painting job because the task must simply penetrate the siding or roof to expose the painted area, apply the paint, and then allow it to dry. The benefits of a paint job are not only cosmetic enhancements but are also safety features. Painted surfaces are far safer than flat paint because when it becomes wet, it expands and contracts with changes in temperature, so that cracks and small crevices are less likely to happen.

Interior painting is the opposite of exterior painting, as it involves the removal of existing paint on the walls, ceilings, and floors. A residential painting project will typically involve two to three coats. The first coat is primer; the second and third coats are color coats. Most professional painters also have special tools for applying these coats of paint. Primer helps provide protection for the surface and gives the paint the ability to bond to the surface better.

Both an exterior painting and an interior painting have their pros and cons. Exterior painting is done primarily to beautify the home and increase its marketability. A residential home that is in need of paint usually has several years of life left on it, so an exterior painting saves the homeowner money as long as the project is completed in a reasonable amount of time. The finish is far more durable than that of an interior painting, so an exterior paint job lasts for many years without requiring any rework. Because an exterior painting project usually requires two to three coats, homeowners must be prepared to spend several hundred dollars to complete the project.

An interior painting, on the other hand, is done to give the home a new look and increase its marketability. This type of painting involves applying paint to the surfaces in a highly detailed fashion. An interior painting project can last for many years, because it is often done on surfaces without the possibility of chipping, peeling, or cracking for years at a time. In addition, if a homeowner chooses to hire a professional painting company to complete this project, the homeowner can rest assured that the painting is being handled by a professional who has experience working with this material and can provide the best possible finish. Hiring a professional painting company to complete a home painting project is often the best option for homeowners who are looking for a high quality paint job.


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