AC Gas Refill

How to ensure Safety while doing AC repairs?

Many customers are not aware of the fact that the gas present in the AC can last a lifetime. You do not need to get the gas top up done periodically. But low gas levels can be due to leaks in the AC, something that must be repaired before AC gas refilling service.

What to do when gas needs a recharge?

1.       Technician refilling the gas and not the helper

If your AC technician is detecting low gas levels in the AC because of a leak, he will have to inform you about the same. And for AC gas refilling service, the technician will be filling the gas himself and not the helper. The helper is not trained for doing so, he is not advised to carry out the refilling service.


2.       Stay safe while doing the gas recharge

While doing the AC gas refiling service, you must stay safe while doing so. Some of the ways are:

·         Informing about the previous repairs

If you have done any AC repair that happened in the past few weeks, please inform the technical professional about the same. This will help in the driving of saving AC repair service.


·         Maintaining a safe distance

Make sure that neither you nor your family member stays near the AC when the gas recharge procedure is going on.


·         Unplugging the power supply

Keep the main power unplugged during the AC gas refilling service even if the professional leaves the place for a short period for buying some essential requirements. If the AC is left switched on, then it might lead to accidents.

What to know about the technicians doing the AC repair service?

You must know so many things when you are dealing with an AC professional technician.

1.       Checking the identity of the professional

AC repair is a skilled job that is done by the individuals and technicians only under trained supervision for safety procedures. This helps in ensuring safe and effective service. When the technician comes to your place, verify the photo of the technician with the photo that you find on the app if you are searching online.


2.       Maintaining of safe distance

You must ensure that your family is maintaining a safe distance when the AC repair is going on. If it's gas charging, you must maintain the distance anyhow. This is because AC has some inflammable components that can potentially catch fire. 


Types of AC gases

Do you know that AC does not work with the same type of gas requirements? Some of the common types:

1.       R410A

This is commonly known as Puronand this is one gas used in the latest air conditioners. It makes use of hydrofluorocarbons not affecting the ozone layer. It has been advised to be used in residential areas also. But R22 was discontinued in the residential area due to having manual effects on the environment.


2.       R22

This is commonly known as Freon, but the use has been discontinued because of creating harmful effects in the atmosphere. It contributes to ozone layer depletion.


AC Gas refilling service is a tricky one and you must choose only the best professionals for doing it.

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Split & Window AC Gas Filling Charges:

 Cooling Capacity


Split AC gas Filling 1 Ton

Split AC Gas Filling 1.5 Ton
Split AC Gas Filling 2 Ton
Split AC Gas Filling 3 Ton


Split AC Gas Filling 3.5 Ton
Window AC gas Filling 1 Ton
Window AC gas Filling 2 Ton
Window AC gas Filling 3 Ton
Window AC gas Filling 3.5 Ton

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